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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Veil of Guilty Sound

For thousands of years our world was living in a dense frequency of sound. This Sound Barrier was a Veil that separated us from the Creative Sound that is Universally shared. During these years, progress occurred very slowly, as the higher Creative Sound just trickled through slowly.

Before the modern era, if anyone happened to catch hold of this Creative Sound Frequency, they would also access the Creative Force that echo's throughout Universal time defined as Now. This would inspire them to connect to the Universal Creative Sound, and design something that was worthy of becoming a new thought movement. Because of the lack of global communication, this new thought movement would take a while to make its way around the globe.

With the advent of the breaking of the sound barrier that kept our world locked onto a linear timeline, the Creative Sound of Universal Time is NOW bombarding our world with a higher dimensional frequency, Although this Creative Frequency is being accessed, it is not being accessed with the same determination it was designed for. In other words, our global society is not emotionally advanced enough to use this Creative Frequency in the Now. Instead, it is being used under the same laws that were used in the past. These laws have to do with material wealth, greed. unjust treatment, bondage, force, manipulation, behavioral injustice, hunger, disease and the list goes on.

It is impossible to assign guilt or body fear to this New Creative Sound. In fact, guilt and fear are so unlike living in the Now, the linear time that our world is living in has become very destructive. If the people continue to refuse to listen to and hear the problem, it will continue to be very intense until they do.

Right now, the Earth is being reshaped so it can embrace this Creative Sound of Now. As the Earth is being reshaped, the unnatural sounds of guilt and fear will be destroyed. This is very good news, as anything that does not support Inno-Sense,body health, and higher emotional integrity, will ultimately be destroyed.

This destruction is occurring via Natural Law. These are Living Laws that our world ignores in favor of paper laws. The reason for this is because people do not understand Natural Law. Natural Law will not support guilt of body fear. For this reason, anything that does will be left open to the unnatural effects of guilt and body fear. These basically include what the Bible refers to as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. No-thing in physical form that supports personal guilt or body fear will be left during this cleansing process.

This this purification process is necessary, as it is impossible for the Creative Sound of Now to house any unnatural sound that is not in alignment with this Higher Frequency. This will obviously be an intense time for the people that live in this world. In fact, if this time of purification was not sped up, there would be nothing left of our world, but the Universe is kind, and provisions have been made that will shorten this period of time, but the people must be involved in this process. This means that they must begin to accept some response-ability for the global shift that is occurring.

Provisions have been made to help the people speed up their individual understanding of what it means to live in this new Creative Time Frequency. However, there is global guilt that must be undone. Undoing global guilt will in effect make a global shift in ways that are impossible to explain or understand until the process begins to take effect. The removal of global guilt will also impact at the individual level. It is therefore, not only in the best interest of the entire world, but also within the interest of the individual to begin a global project to dissolve the unnatural global guilt that is surrounding our world.

The Great Miracle Share is a global project targeted to dissolve global guilt. Because people have no idea how to do this, there is a Higher Plan that is available to us that does. This Plan has guidelines that must be followed to protect our world and the people that inhabit the Planet Earth.

The Miracle Investment Club offers us the opportunity to join together in a Universal Plan that does not focus on the real work, which is to completely eliminate global guilt. Instead, it focuses our attention the individual miracles that are designed to take the place of guilt, both individually and globally. Because our world does not understand the purpose of miracles, The Miracle Investment Club offers us the means to invest in them. Thus, the cause of guilt is exchanged for a New World Cause of Joy. The Effects of Miracles are defined in peace, and our personal and global emotional well being.

The old world is dying. Attempting to use miracles to fix the old world will be unsuccessful. The Miracle Investment Club offers the means to invest in the space in time where guilt supported the old world, and offer this now empty space a miracle purpose. It is on this miracle purpose that we the people can build a New World.

Never is the whole history of the Universe has anything of this magnitude been offered to any civilization. The Universe has a Plan to eradicate personal fear and global guilt with miracle reform. Please be willing to accept this Gift.

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